Ethical Policy

Ethical Policy

Excellence in Service – to ensure our clients receive our best efforts and customized products of the highest quality before, during and after a transaction

Honesty and Integrity – to exhibit ethical, truthful, and honorable behavior and to exercise good judgment

Passion – to love what we do and to inspire excitement in our clients

Commitment – to be loyal, dedicated, and devoted to our clients, the community, and the profession

Individual Responsibility – to hold ourselves accountable, to deliver what we promise, and to own up to our mistakes

Efficiency and Accuracy – to do things correctly the first time and without wasting time, effort, or resources

Communication – to response quickly, accurately, and honestly to clients, vendors, and suppliers

Comtemporary Travel Knowledge – to constantly research current trends, methods, and destinations to best serve the client and the organization

Affiliated as an Independent Contractor of Ships and Trips Luxury Travel

California Seller of Travel Registration # 2148340. Registration as a seller of travel in California does not constitute the state's approval.

Agent is not a participant in the Travel Consumer Restitution Fund. Florida Seller of Travel Registration # ST42501.