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To truly find the essence of what makes the country so French, you need to explore beyond the Eiffel tower. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that there’s more to France than just Paris.

Le Palais Ideal

Located in Hautervies, France this palace called a “Temple of Nature” was created from an idea that came from simply tripping over a stone.

Built by postman Ferdinand Cheval this architectural wonder was started in 1879 and took 33 years of single stone collection to construct.

Le Palais Ideal

Les Passages Couverts de Paris in French

Les Passages Couverts de Paris in French

If you’re a curious travel stroller and love bargain hunting and getting a real sense of the old Paris, then discovering the passages or malls as we call them today will peak your interest.

With over 20 to choose from these covered walkways with elaborate glass roofs, are located throughout the city and make for the perfect afternoon exploration of its various shops, boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants.


Take a walk down the warm Garonne river, or visit the food capital of the world … Annecy, France.

This floating city located on the southeastern region sits on France’s third largest lake and has a perfect picturesque frame of three mountains,

If you want to indulge in all things cheese, Annecy is also a great place to head to as they’re well known for their raclette.

Annency France