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A Stones Throw

Imagine creating a palace from an idea that came from tripping over a stone? This palace located in Hauterives, France is called a “Temple of Nature” and was created from a dream and an idea that came from simply tripping over a stone.  Construction of this building started in 1879 by postman Ferdinand Cheval and …

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A Walk In The Parc

While Parc Guell is a well known and highly visited location, with hundreds of visitors daily the average traveler looking for the perfect instagram photo of Barcelona will pay a fee to enter the Parc. A walk up the Northside  gives a perfect view of the city of Barcelona.

Arte Sella

The Arte Sella open-air museum in Trentino, Italy is an unexpected encounter if ever there was one. Created all from materials taken from the earth, this trail of wonder speaks to the imagination and how resourceful one can be to create such beauty. 1 Visitors


There are several rituals done in the name of coming of age. Firewalking is a cross-cultural experience in Fiji that’s captivating to witness. On the Fijian side, the men of the Beqa Island firewalk as a rite of passage. Hindu firewalking, on the other hand, happens at the full moon and is a colorful event …

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The Sinkhole

This fantasy garden became the Umpheiston Sinkhole as the result of a collapsed cave that was transformed in 1886 into today’s beautifully manicured greenery. 1 Visitors

A Stroll Thru Spain

The Poble Espanyol is an open-air museum located in Barcelona, Spain that was originally created in 1929 as a temporary construction for the Barcelona International Exhibition. However, its popularity and demand from the people of Catalunya resulted in the 117 full-size buildings representing every region in Spain to remain. The symbolic buildings, squares, and streets …

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The Golden Disc

The golden object in the water was not a disc, but a sacred ivory gold turtle, glistening in the Tahitian sun. Hardly believing our eyes or our fortune, we all scrambled for cameras and cell phones to capture this sovereign marvel. I felt I was cast in a Keystone Kops reel, bumping and stumbling into …

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